Gallery > The Passage.

This collection of images is dedicated to my mother who sadly passed away in 2010.
In the aftermath of her death I was filled with so many memories, feelings, hopes, dreams, stories, insights, questions… all waiting to get out and take their rightful place. This piece of work is about revisiting them and the impressions and emotions that they leave behind.

For this I have used some of my mother’s things, photographs of my children and images that reflect more of a fleeting sensation or feeling related to death and the process of grieving. They are all part of an emotional landscape that at times I might dread but I also look forward to the reminiscing that comes with it.

In this series I am taking these objects, connections and feelings -and the emotional charge that comes with them- and placing them somewhere between memory and imagination -an interweaving of the then and now, the real and the imagined-, as a way of exploring and acknowledging their presence in my life but also making them part of a bigger context, one that evolves and accumulates more stories and ultimately one that gives space to the co-creation of new memories for the future.