Amaia Arenzana is a graduate in Psychology by the University of Deusto, Bilbao. Originally from the Basque Country, she moved to Ireland in 1995 and continued her studies in UCD, Dublin (MSc, 2000). During a career break as a family therapist to raise her young family, she took up photography in 2008. Photography has become an important tool to express her creativity and how she sees the world around her. In 2012, Amaia was the overall winner of the Irish Times Amateur Photographer of the Year Awards, also achieving first and third prize in the Open Category. Her fascination in the array of different ways of photographic expression, has brought her focus to analogue photography and working with a variety of photographic mediums. She is a self taught artist, currently committed to film and traditional wet darkroom printing. Most of her work is captured with medium format film which she processes and prints in her home darkroom.


    2012- "The Irish Times Amateur Photographer of the Year Awards 2012". Competition Catalogue by Picturk.
    2010- "We sink ships: in transit".


    2014 - "The Real, the Imagined and the Constructed", NCAD graduate exhibition, Dublin, Ireland. (Group).

    2016 - "Arbolada", Collective exhibition, Durango, Bizkaia, Spain.